All of the advantages of the web site for the benefit of your company

Kubbos is a web site management software, which enables companies to carry out the administration of their companies in a straightforward way from any place.

Cost saving

With no anual licences or payments for upgrades, you pay only for what you use, you cancel the service when you want to and do not spend on new equipment. You can test the application without commitment for 15 days.

Data security

Daily, weekly and fortnightly back-up copies, high-security data centres, redundant connections, encrypted data and an application adapted to the legislation in force. Everything necessary to keep your data secure.

Always continuously improving

You will be able to enjoy all of the improvements immediately, without having to pay for upgrades or wait months to resolve an error or have a new feature.

Universal access

Any registered person, from any company department or delegation, will have access to the tool there where there is an Internet connection and a device with a web browser.

  • A secure and scalable infrastructure that is accessible via the web site, with no need to buy new hardware, carry out installations or maintenance.
  • Secure data by means of complying with the legislation in force concerning data protection and the measures necessary for disaster prevention and information retrieval.
  • A quick return on the investment, because the profitability threshold of the web applications is much faster than that of traditional software.
  • Professional technical support included in the monthly fee and various additional support modalities so as to adapt ourselves to your current or future needs.
  • A fast start-up, in such a way that you can begin to be productive in a shorter time, for both new users and for the current ones.
  • Simple to use, with an intuitive way of working, a full knowledge base, our technical support and some tutorials that will help you get started.

Be more efficient in your invoicing with kubbos

Save time

When you invoice, a lot of data will be automatically completed with the information that has already been introduced, you will be able to save time and commit fewer mistakes. In addition, you will be able to sign documents electronically (E-Invoice)

Impress your clients

Offer your clients access to all of their invoices and do not waste time on enquiries about delayed invoices, whilst still improving your company's image.

Check your invoicing

Through our reports you will be able to see where your income comes from at all times, your best clients, charges, due dates and many other useful data.

Check your income and costs

Allocate your charges and payments to your bank accounts and keep a record of all of the movements made in the company’s bank and saving banks accounts.

  • Management of invoices, clients and suppliers
  • Management of electronic signed documents
  • Management of recurring invoices
  • Management of payment methods and due dates
  • Checking of Income and Costs
  • Series and types of invoice
  • Correcting invoices
  • Reports
  • Integration with the other kubbos modules
  • Management of banks and saving banks Accounts

Prepare quotes and manage your sales

Sales quotes

Create offers in a simple way on the basis of the articles from your warehouse or bespoke services. Check the budgets associated with your clients and their status.

Sales orders

Compile client orders or covert several estimates into one single order, without having to input the data again. The stock will be automatically updated when the orders are processed.

Delivery slips

Send products or confirm the delivery of services, creating delivery slips or by importing several orders into one delivery slip, always checking the stock in the warehouse.

Product charges

Allocate prices and make changes in these in a fast and simple way, allocating charges to your products. Apply discounts, surcharges, fixed quantities or minimum prices in the calculation of your charges.

  • Management of Client
  • Management of Sales Quotes
  • Management of Sales Orders
  • Management of Delivery Slips
  • Management of Types of sales quotes
  • Management of sales quotes and sales orders status
  • Consolidation of several documents into one
  • Reports
  • Integration with the other kubbos modules

Managing your suppliers and connecting with them

Purchasing estimates

Request offers in a straightforward way on the basis of the articles in your warehouse and with the references of your supplier or bespoke services. Check the estimates associated with your suppliers and their status.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders or convert various estimates in one single order, without having to insert the data again. When the orders are filled the stock will be automatically updated.

Receiving slips

Recieve products by creating receiving slips or importing several orders into one sole receiving slip, always keeping control over the stock in the warehouse.

Types of supplier and quality control

Having several types of suppliers or having control over these will be simple because you will be able to create reviews and consult the record on these so as to check the quality of your deliveries.

  • Management of suppliers
  • Management of quotes from suppliers
  • Management of purchase orders
  • Management of receiving slips
  • Management of types of offers
  • Management of status of offers and orders
  • Consolidation of various documents into a single one
  • Reports
  • Integration with the other kubbos modules

Managing your warehouse efficiently

Catalogue of items

Structure your products into families and sub-families, adding images, descriptions, measurement units and references. Finally, assign them a current rate.

Control over the prices

Assign cost prices and sale prices to your articles. You will be able to do this manually or by assigning a rate that has previously been created to the cost price, in this way saving you additional calculations and possible errors.

Stock management

Control the stock of your articles, with a record of your automatic movements or the possibility of carrying out all types of manual movements.

Brands and Families

Manage the brands of the products and the families of these in a hierarchical and very straightforward way. Organise your catalogue as best suits your company.

  • Management of articles
  • Management of families
  • Management of brands
  • Management of units, weights and measurements
  • Management of outgoing order forms
  • Management of prices and assigning of rates
  • Automatic and manual stock management
  • Reports
  • Integration with the other Kubbos modules

Improve the relations with your business partners

Greater visibility for your contacts

Find out who's who within the ecosystem of your company, clients, suppliers, partners and contacts, all centralised and visible in your diary in a simple way.

Protect confidential information

Every piece of information from the CRM can be declared to be public (visible for all of the company's users) or private (only visible for the users that it shares its activity with). You will be able to keep all of your information protected.

Check your diary and keep yourself informed

Using the different reports you will be able to see exactly what are the results of your marketing and the related opportunities.

Segment your market and keep your opportunities profitable

In order to find out in depth which sector, area or campaign provides you with the best results and where you need to improve it.

  • Management of clients, potential clients, suppliers and partners
  • Management of contact people
  • Creation of opportunities
  • Sales activities and pipeline
  • Segmentation by sectors, zones and campaigns
  • Configuration of the confidentiality of the information
  • Reports
  • Integration with the other Kubbos modules

Everything under control in one single place

Simplified management

It will be possible to access and configure your users, profiles and preferences from the Administration area. A simple way of having everything under control.

Absolute control

You can configure both the Areas of the application that are going to be used by your company and the users who will have access to it, always depending on the information that they are going to handle.

The essential complement for a management programme

Improve your experience of use

Through our online training, knowledge base, manuals and technical equipment.

Adapted to your needs

From the technical support included with all of the packages, to additional payment support depending on the service levels you need.

Control your issues

If an issue has opened and you want to see its status, or if you would like to review an earlier issue, our system enables you to check all of your interactions with our technical support staff.

Lite plan

With technical support by e-mail and 48-hour response time, included free of charge in all payment accounts.

Basic plan

With technical support by e-mail, telephone and 24-hour response time. Phone assistance hours: Monday thru Friday from 9h to 14h. Consult our rates to find out your additional cost.